Core Values

(not a creed of faith but the core values of our particular community of faith)

1. Response Over Initiative:

Here at Trinity Baptist Church, we believe that unless Jesus Christ builds his Church, all our efforts are in vain.  We are convinced that, as the head of the Church, Christ, through the leading of the Holy Spirit, will direct us corporately in knowing him and his will for us.  Therefore we are committed to maintain a posture of prayerful listening and careful discernment so that we can respond to his initiative.

We do this by being a praying and worshipping community:

– Wednesday Prayer:  In the tabernacle, Aaron and the priests were instructed to keep the flames of the golden lamp stands burning night and day and not to allow them to go out (Leviticus 24:1-4).  Like the lamp stands, we believe that God wants his church to be “continually lit” in prayer as a sign of our dependency on him.  We set Wednesday nights aside to present our requests to God but also to listen for what he wants to say to us, his people.

-Sunday Worship:  One of the ways that we as a community resist taking control of our lives is by recognizing that Jesus is Lord and is seated upon a throne above all other thrones (Ephesians 1:19-23).  As a church we are inspired to express this reality in our times of corporate worship, whether that be in word or song: that Jesus is at the centre of all that we are and do!

2. People Over Programs:

God is relational!  When we look at the Trinity- Father, Son and Holy Spirit- we see a God who relates through inter-dependant relationships.  We also believe that God approached mankind in a relational way when the Father sent his son, Jesus Christ, into the world.  He served people and touched their lives through acts of love.  As our great example, Jesus demonstrated how he wanted a redeemed people to interact.  At Trinity Baptist, we believe that programs are only helpful inasmuch as they help us build relationships with God and each other.  Therefore, we endeavor to prioritize the types of gatherings and activities that enable us to build deeper relationships with Christ, other believers and the community around us.

We do this through:

– House Groups:  At Trinity we are currently growing House Groups whose goal is to build authentic relational community in the same way the early church did.  In Acts 2 the early church did this by gathering in homes to eat, pray, study and share their lives.

– Men’s and Women’s Ministry:  Our men’s and women’s ministry endeavors to build relational connections through periodic gatherings.

– Food Bank: Every two weeks Trinity Baptist opens its doors to our community’s less fortunate.  Our goal is to do more than give food, but also to dispense God’s loving kindness, by making our building a welcoming refuge for any who have needs.

3. Integration over Segregation

Although we acknowledge that there are times when it is important for people to be with others who are like them, we believe that the scriptures teach he church is made up of a lot of different parts: men, women, children, parents, grandparents, singles, couples, rich, poor…not to mention the various nations represented.  Sometimes it’s tempting to find a place where everyone is like ourselves… but at Trinity, we believe that God wants us to learn from each other and value our differences.  We believe that it is in learning to love one another despite our differences that we will grow in depth and maturity.

We do this by:

-Teaching: We will continue to allow the Word of God to challenge our tendency towards building segregated comfort zones and inspire us to love and learn from one another.

-Worship:  One day, all nations will gather before the throne of God (Revelation 7:9) and glorify him with one voice.  At Trinity, we believe that God wants us to express our unity by worshipping together.  Men, women, young and old… everyone’s contribution is important to God and edifying to the Body of Christ.  Therefore, we choose to keep our children together during our corporate worship times and to choose to worship in various styles and modes so that those gathered can express praise in their heart language.

-House Groups:  We have a vision to build towards having more and more diversity in our House Groups.  Periodically we will break and offer courses for special groups and needs but we are convinced that the best way to build the church is through groups that celebrate diversity.