Caregiving – Esther Durksen

Esther provides encouragement and prayer for those among us who are sick, grieving or in professional care.



Children’s Ministry – Jolene Hedlin

Jolene coordinates the children’s programs, schedules and oversees the teachers.

Jolene Hedlin

Food Bank – Simone Couture

Simone coordinates our Food Bank Ministry that runs bi-monthly.  She oversees the many volunteers needed to keep the food bank running smoothly and welcomes each person with dignity and love.


Financial Treasurer – Sharon Gunn

Sharon manages our tithes and offerings, as well gives guidance regarding expenditures.

Sharon Gunn

Hospitality – Collen Davis

The Deacon of Hospitality leads a group of volunteers in coordinating and serving at church lunches and various church events throughout the year.

Men’s Ministry – Gord McCallum

Gord leads a men’s ministry team as they plan and lead men’s ministry events.


Missions – Selma Pauls

The Deacon of Missions oversees mission events, coordinates communication and prayer requests with sending missionaries.

Property – Jonathan Letkemann

Jon oversees building maintenance and upgrades.

Jonathan Letkemann


Technical – Kevin Davis

Kevin oversees the Sound and LCD ministry volunteers, manages our website and looks after our computer, copiers and phone systems.

Kevin Davis

Ushers and Greeters – Kyle Morgan

Kyle recruits, trains and schedules Trinity Baptist’s greeters and ushers.


Worship Ministry – Andrew Hedlin

Andrew oversees the worship leaders and coordinates worship teams and schedules.

Andrew Hedlin






Women’s Ministry – Lois Mawby

Lois leads a women’s ministry team as they plan and lead women’s ministry events.