Caregiving – Esther Durksen

The Caregiving Deacon provides encouragement and prayer for those among us who are sick, grieving or in professional care, and leads a team of volunteers to help minister care to those in need.



Children’s Ministry – Jolene Hedlin

The Deacon of Children’s Ministry coordinates the children’s programs, oversees volunteer teachers, schedules, special events, with the focus on Children growing in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

Jolene Hedlin

Food Bank – Simone Couture

The Deacon of Food Bank coordinates our Food Bank Ministry that runs bi-monthly, and oversees the many volunteers needed to keep the food bank running smoothly and welcomes each person with dignity and love.


Financial Treasurer – Sharon Gunn

The Financial Treasurer Deacon manages our tithes and offerings, as well gives guidance regarding expenditures.

Sharon Gunn

Hospitality – Colleen Davis

The Deacon of Hospitality leads a group of volunteers in coordinating and serving at church lunches and various church events throughout the year.

Men’s Ministry – Gord McCallum

The Deacon of Men’s Ministry leads a ministry team as they plan and lead men’s ministry events throughout the year with the focus on discipleship, spiritual growth, and lots of fun.


Missions – Selma Pauls

The Deacon of Missions oversees mission events, coordinates communication and prayer requests with sending missionaries.

Property – Jonathan Letkemann

The Property Deacon oversees building maintenance and upgrades.

Jonathan Letkemann


Technical – Kevin Davis

The Deacon of Technology oversees the Sound and LCD ministry volunteers, manages our website and looks after our computer, copiers and phone systems.

Kevin Davis

Ushers and Greeters – Kyle Morgan

The Deacon of Ushers & Greeters recruits, trains and schedules Trinity Baptist’s greeters and ushers.


Worship Ministry – Andrew Hedlin

The Deacon of Worship Ministry oversees the worship leaders and coordinates worship teams and schedules.

Andrew Hedlin






Women’s Ministry – Lois Mawby

The Deacon of Women’s Ministry leads a ministry team as they plan and lead women’s ministry events throughout the year, with the focus on discipleship and spiritual growth, and lots of fun.